Viper v10


Brit bike builder Allen Millyard has launched his biggest and best machine yet - a 500bhp monster powered by a V10 Dodge Viper supercar engine. Watch the clip to see the details and hear it running.

This was a Dodge Tomahawk test ride. The motorcycle top speed is about 400MPH. It has a Dodge Viper engine. So it has about 500 Hp. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!

Dodge Tomahawk is the fastest motorbike in the world, Now you can see the fastest and turbo speed from Dodge Tomahawk.


Dodge Tomahawk have 500-horsepower Viper V-10 engine powering the dual rear wheels gives this radical vehicle a potential top speed of nearly 400 miles per hour - for anyone who wants to test it. The Tomahawk roared into public view at the North American International Auto Show.

The Viper-powered Dodge Tomahawk concept vehicle shatters all the barriers of conventional thinking about personal transportation. This four-wheel, single-passenger vehicle is a sleek, rolling sculpture that combines art-deco styling with extreme engineering.

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